Thursday, 2 May 2013

Mylikes Coding Test

Mylikes is a content and social advertising platform. It is similar to Google Adsense, but promises to have a patented algorithm for targeted advertisements. It visited IITB and the following questions were asked in it's 1 hour pen-and-paper based test.

1) Find output of a C++ program: It was based on classes, so good knowledge of classes in C++ was required.

2) Find output of a C++ program: It was based on recursion in functions and function calls, so knowledge about functions in C++ and recursion was necessary.

3) Given that you have a million URLs, give a method to store them so as to retrieve a URL efficiently.

4) Insert commas into at appropriate positions in a number and rounding the number also, represented in the form of a string. Try to make sense of the question from the following test cases
Ex: "100.23632" -> "100.24"
      "10000" -> "10,000"
      "1000000.1234" -> "1,000,000.1234"

Follow up: Write code in such a way that positions where you put commas can be placed as per Indian currency system (instead of US system). I think the follow-up was to see whether you were able to write code that was easily generalized to Indian as well as US comma systems.

5) Given 2 strings a, b, check whether b is a postfix of a that is a ends with b.

6) Find all permutations of a string.

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