Monday, 15 April 2013

Samsung Interview Experience

Following questions were asked by Samsung for it's Software Engineering Labs (SEL) position.

1) What is the difference between a process and a thread?

2) Compare Merge sort and Heap sort. What are their time and space complexities? State the cases when one will perform better than the other.

3) What is Page table, Address space, and Virtual memory?

4) Given a binary tree, find the node containing a Minimum heap of maximum size below it. So the node will be the root of the min-heap of maximum possible size in the binary tree.

5) Construct 2 stacks using a single array. Follow Up: Construct 3 stacks in a single array.

6) What is a deadlock? 

7) What are function pointers? What is their significance?

8) Reverse each word of a string "in place" (that is without using additional memory)
Ex: "Ram and Shyam are friends" --> "maR dna mayhS era sdneirf"

Source: Sravan Bodapati, CSE IIT-Madras

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