Tuesday, 21 May 2013

My Placement Story: Part I

The year was 2012 and it was placement season for me. It was an important event and I knew it was going to be hectic. This post will summarize my experience with IITB's placement process. Due to it's length I've divided it among several posts.

Resume uploading starts around mid-August and you have to prepare your resumes and submit them till mid-Sept. Remember that resumes are very important, because some firms simply shortlist candidates based on their resumes; so it's essential that you give a good impression. And anyways, even if the respective firm doesn't shortlist based on resumes, they'll definitely have a look at it. So it's better to prepare a decent resume. My advice:
  • Take a look at a few of your senior's resumes and use them as templates.
  • Make several drafts, and improve your resume incrementally; remember that every word on your resume is important.
  • Use simple English. Don't try to show-off your vocab skills, it might back-fire if the interviewer misinterprets!
  • After having a final draft ready, send it to a couple of your seniors asking them for advice. 
  • Make necessary changes as per suggestions and upload!

Placement season structure at IITB
Placement season consists of 3 phases: Phase-1, Phase-2 and Phase-3. Below I list the important timelines involved in Phase-1, which is the most important phase:
  1. Resume uploading (deadline in mid-Sept)
  2. Pre-Placement talks (Last week of Sept - Last week of Nov)
  3. Preliminary Tests conducted for shortlisting (First week of Oct - Last week of Nov)
  4. Final Interviews for shortlisted students (1st Dec - 15th Dec)

Which firms did I apply?
I gave the tests of companies that I was interested in, and that must have numbered to around 35. Here is the  comprehensive list of firms with whom I was involved for the shortlisting process:

Tests started in the 1st week of Oct and the frequency of tests per week was around 2-3. But this frequency increased gradually as we approached November end. I remember precisely that I gave 5 tests on Nov 30th, just a day before the D-Day! It gets very hectic in the last week of November, and you don't get any time for preparing for final interviews. All I did was gave tests day-in and day-out in the last week of November; you simply don't get time for anything else.

Where was I shortlisted?
After going through the tests and other shortlisting methods of the above firms, I was shortlisted in the following firms for final rounds of interviews to be given on Day-1 and Day-2.

Day-1 (Dec 1st)
  • Google 
  • Microsoft
  • Opera
Day-2 (Dec 2nd)
  • Epic Systems
  • GREE
  • Works Applications
  • Informatica
  • Adobe
  • Chronus
  • Oracle
  • Mylikes
  • Walmart Labs
  • Myntra
  • Lexity
  • Strand Life Sciences
  • Dolat Capital
  • Finmechanics

That's it for this post, I'll post about the intricacies and my horror story of Day-1 and Day-2's interview experience in upcoming posts. Keep checking!

PS: On after thought, this post seems to be very IIT-Bombay specific, but hopefully you may find some useful bits and pieces.

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