Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Optiver Math Test: Subjective Questions

I have posted the subjective questions asked in Optiver's written test below. Do check out Optiver Objective Questions for objective questions asked in the test. Also, if you need more information on Optiver and it's selection procedure check About Optiver.

1) After a snail racing contest, the four contestants were congratulating each other. Only one snail wore the same number as the position it finished in. Alfred's snail wasn't painted yellow nor blue, and the snail who wore 3, which was painted red, beat the snail who came in third. Arthur's snail beat Anne's snail, whereas Alice's snail beat the snail who wore 1. The snail painted green, Alice's, came second and the snail painted blue wore number 4. Anne's nail wore number 1. Can you work out who's snail finished where, it's number and the colour it was painted?

2) At a certain time between 3pm and 4pm, the hour and the minute hands are at equal angles from the 6 mark, what time will it be exactly?

3) I lived in a city that held as much as it could,
    So I moved to another that repaid what what it should.
    The third had very little, with not much to be found,
    The fourth was very boring, with no change in the sound.
    The fifth was so foggy you could not see past the next face.
    The sixth was on the move; I could barely keep up the pace,
    The seventh was strange; bizzare character would people attain,
    So I settled in the eighth, because it was so plain. 
    What are the various cities?

4) Five youngsters entered a contest to guess how many marbles were in a bowl. Alice guessed 45, Betty guessed 39, Chuck guessed 49, Dan guessed 50, and Ed guessed 47. One was off by 6, one by 5, one by 2, and one by 4. One was right. Who was right?

5) A sheet of paper has statements numbered from 1 to 100. For each N, 1<=N<=100, Statement N says, "Exactly N of the statements in this sheet are false". Which statements are true?

6) You have normal 6-sided cube. I give you 6 different colors that you can paint each side of the cube with (one color to each side). How many different cubes can you make?


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