Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Epic Systems Interview Experience

Epic systems recruited from IIT-B in 2012 for it's office in Wisconsin-Madison, USA. I was shortlisted by Epic Systems for final rounds of interviews at IIT-B's placements in 2012. The interviews were telephonic.

Tech Round The person conducting the interview asked me to give a brief introduction about myself. He asked me to explain about the project that I had done during my summer internship. Then he asked me to tell the difference between a full and a complete binary tree. After that, he asked about Quicksort algorithm. Later on, he asked if I had any questions for him. I queried him about Life at Epic and generally about Madison city.

HR Round The lady first introduced herself and then asked for my introduction. The interview consisted of standard HR questions like 'Why Epic ?', 'Why US?'? etc. She asked me how would I contribute to Epic and about my activities other than academics at IIT-Bombay. She was basically trying to make sure that I was very interested in the opportunity and would definitely join Epic after being selected.

Key Takeaways The telephonic interviews were not technical at all and were conducted just for sake of checking whether you had suitable technical aptitude, communication skills and necessary personality traits. Since the interviews were not very tech-oriented, I think that Epic's Coding Test conducted earlier had a considerable weight in the selection process. My suggestion is that you should perform well on the test to get shortlisted for final rounds of interviews and eventually get selected for the job. Also, having a good GPA (preferably 8.0+ on a scale of 10.0) benefits greatly.


  1. hi sir, Am Chithraa, doing my PG course in anna university. I have my EPIC interview tommorrow.Can you please guide me sir. I was searching for question papers but i couldn't get any. Can you please tell me the patterns for EPIC or any sort of question papers ? .My id is

  2. Hi,
    Where's the online test conducted? Can we take it from home or do we need to go to any center for the exam?

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