Saturday, 31 August 2013

Deutsche Bank - Analyst Interview

This interview was given for Analyst position for the Tradefinder desk at Deutsche Bank, Mumbai. Basically, this position involves developing trading models and working with data through coding in MATLAB. The following questions were asked across 2 interview rounds:-

1) Monty Hall problem

2) We toss 4 unbiased coins. We know that one of the 4 coins lands a head. What is the probability that all coins land a head ? (Ans: *1/15*)

3) When you die, you see 2 doors. 1 leads into heaven and one leads into hell. Both doors are guarded by 2 guards, there are no signs that say heaven or hell, you are allowed to ask 1 guard 1 question only. The guard guarding heaven always tells the truth the guard guarding hell always tells a lie. What question should you ask to figure out the door that leads to heaven?

4) Compare Nested Queries vs Joins for SQL queries. Which would perform better and in what cases?

5) About Dijkstra algorithm and it's complexity

6)  Minimum spanning tree algorithm

7) About breadth first traversal algorithm (BFS)