Sunday, 17 March 2013

Walmart Labs Test

Walmart Labs opened it's India division very recently. It has been on a hiring spree since then. The profile was Software engineering in the area of Machine Learning and Big Data.

It conducted a 1.5 hour test which consisted of 15 objective questions based on basic concepts in Networks, Data structures & Algorithms, some simple questions on Combinatorics.

There was a subjective section too, which had 2 questions to be coded on a piece of paper.

1) Given 2 additional members, node* prev, node* next in a binary tree node* struct. Initially prev and next are set to NULL. Populate these 2 pointers in the binary tree using inorder successor and predecessor of the respective node for all nodes in the tree.

2) BreakDown(K, S). Give an algorithm to calculate number of distinct ways in which you can break up amount K into denominations present in S, set of denominations. 


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